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Cheap vacations can be hard to come by when it comes to booking flights, finding affordable hotels, and having enough spending money.

What makes it even more difficult is the fluctuating exchange rate in the UK.

The pound has struggled to stay constant against the euro, making it difficult to know when to buy foreign currencies.

It also means that the pound doesn’t go as far against the euro, making European destinations such as France and Spain more expensive by getting less money when exchanging the pound.

Travel money provider WeSwap has revealed which city break destinations are the best places to travel this year to where the pound goes furthest.

The best place to travel this year to ensure travelers get their money’s worth is Croatia.

Using the Croatian kuna, Brits can currently get 8.42 kuna per pound.

Croatia has become a popular holiday destination thanks to the great weather and beautiful history, as well as a favorite for Game of Thrones fans.

The most popular city trip choices include Dubrovnik, where Game of Thrones King’s Landing was filmed, and Split, where many stay to visit the islands surrounding the city.

Hungary was also on the list of the best places to beat the British pound, with Budapest being a popular choice for visitors.

Travelers can get 364 Hungarian Forint per pound at today’s rates.

The other countries where the pound goes the furthest are Romania, the Czech Republic and Turkey, the latter rebounding after a series of terrorist attacks that have ravaged the country, affecting tourism.

Package holidays to Turkey have exceeded combined sales from mainland Spain and the Canary Islands, according to Thomas Cook.

British holidaymakers who want to go further for their holidays can also find a good deal getting the best value for money.

Indonesia, Mexico, and Dubai are some of the best places to get the most out of the UK currency exchange.


Cheap holidays: Egypt is an affordable destination outside of Europe for 2018

Egypt was also on the list and is an affordable place as the country tries to attract tourists after the Sharm el-Sheikh plane crash in 2015.

Thomas Cook packages to Egypt are also on the rise this year, with 89% more vacations this year compared to 2017.

Thailand is also an economical destination with a good exchange rate against the Thai baht.

Vacationers are advised to check local news for Thailand as the popular tourist beach at Maya Bay is due to close this year to recover from overtourism.

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