Chinese police stop Tesla cars on specific routes in Sichuan province

09 June 2022 21:53 STI

beijing [China]June 9 (ANI): Tesla cars from the United States were not allowed on specific routes in China’s Sichuan when President Xi Jinping recently visited the province.
Videos have surfaced on Chinese social media showing traffic police allowing other cars to pass but Tesla cars being diverted to a different route, according to media reports.
It should be noted that the police took these measures with safety concerns in mind and Tesla cars have many cameras and sensors compared to other cars.

Meanwhile, US automaker Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory has returned to full production capacity. More than 40,000 vehicles have rolled off the production line since production resumed on April 19, according to Xinhua news agency citing the company.
Affected by the latest outbreak of COVID-19 in Shanghai, the Shanghai Gigafactory has suspended production for more than 20 days.
The Gigafactory is now implementing a two-shift work schedule after resuming production on April 19 with approximately 8,000 employees back to work under the “closed-loop” production model, meaning employees who live and work in isolation.
According to the China Passenger Car Association, in the first five months of this year, Tesla delivered 215,851 vehicles, up more than 50% year on year. In May alone, Tesla’s wholesale volume reached 32,165 vehicles, including 22,340 vehicles exported to Europe, Australia, Japan and other markets.
Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai is China’s first wholly foreign-owned auto manufacturing company. Shanghai Gigafactory deliveries totaled 484,130 vehicles last year, a 235% increase from 2020 and representing 51.7% of Tesla’s global production capacity in 2021. (ANI)

Joan J. Holland