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Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, was the most affordable place to stay this fall, according to a new study. The eastern European city offered great value for money and had warm fall temperatures.

A stay in a three-star hotel costs just £ 18 in Belgrade, according to research by the Corona Test Center.

A beer was just £ 1.46 in the bustling capital while a meal was a steal at just over £ 5 with coffee at £ 1.32.

British tourists visiting Belgrade can expect to enjoy a vibrant nightlife and plenty of options for an inexpensive meal.

Brits can also explore the Belgrade Fortress, the city’s Orthodox Church, and learn more about Serbian history at the Military Museum.

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Right behind Belgrade for a cheap fall vacation was the romantic and historic city of Prague.

A favorite of British tourists, the cost of a three-star hotel in the city was just £ 22 while a meal cost just over £ 8.

Prague also has 360 amazing free tourist attractions that visitors to the city can explore and plenty of inexpensive restaurants.

British tourists heading to Prague for a city break should stroll the famous Charles Bridge and explore the sprawling castle complex.


In Western Europe, Porto in Portugal was the cheapest fall city break for British travelers.

With average October temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius and 176 free tourist attractions, this is a fantastic choice for UK tourists.

Visitors to Porto should taste some of the world-class wines of the Douro region or even visit a vineyard outside of the city.

A meal in town cost less than £ 6, while a cafe in Porto cost just £ 1.35 with a beer at £ 1.71.

In fifth place for a budget break was the beautiful southern Spanish city of Seville, where a meal costs just £ 7.69.

Seville is also a fantastic option for Brits looking for a city break in the autumn sun, as the average temperatures are 26 degrees Celsius.

Visitors to Seville can explore the amazing Royal Alcazar and stroll through the city’s many enchanting squares.

Top 10 Cheapest Fall City Breaks (Corona Test Center)

  1. Belgrade, Serbia
  2. Prague, Czechia
  3. Porto, Portugal,
  4. Budapest, Hungary
  5. Seville, Spain
  6. Lisbon, Portugal
  7. Barcelona, ​​Spain
  8. Gdansk, Poland
  9. Rome, Italy
  10. Warsaw, Poland

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