Wrocław: FDI Strategy of the Year for Emerging European Cities

The city of Wrocław won Emerging europe Price for City FDI Strategy of the Year 2018, seeing fierce competition from a number of other towns in the region. The city is one of the main FDI destinations in Poland, and the Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW) has helped the city attract more than 200 investment projects and create more than 90,000 jobs in the past 12 years.

“For many years Wrocław has been a city completely unknown to many Europeans, let alone people from other continents,” said Karolina Grzyb, director of ARAW. Emerging europe. “It was only after Poland’s accession to the EU that the representatives of the municipality began to undertake certain initiatives aimed at making Wrocław more recognizable on the international map.”

Wrocław was the first city in Poland to set up a local investment promotion agency and inspired other cities to follow suit.

“Our activities became known all over Poland and other cities started to follow our example and create similar organizations,” Grzyb adds.

“Our role is to present investors with all the information necessary for the decision-making process, but above all to guide the investor by hand through the investment process, ensuring that all aspects of conducting new business in a foreign environment are clear. to the investor, ”says Grzyb.

Besides promotion, ARAW now also encourages local entrepreneurship, especially high-tech start-ups. “We are working to develop the ecosystem and encourage cooperation between start-ups and large companies or venture capital,” explains Ms. Grzyb.

Wrocław could be the future of high technology and operations in Poland. The majority of companies that have invested in the city offer increasingly complex services and cutting-edge products. ARAW is redoubling its efforts to attract talent to further develop business in Wrocław.

“This is why companies still have great development potential: R&D, automation, advanced technologies, electromobility – these sectors have additional room for growth in our city. It is the high quality of performance, skills and talents that ARAW offers rather than low cost opportunities for new business, ”notes Ms. Grzyb.

Wrocław is known for its experienced and talented candidates. Major investors in various sectors include Volvo, Toyota, BASF and Mercedes-Benz in automotive, LG, Whirlpool and Electrolux in white goods, UTC Aerospace Systems, Bombardier and Balluf in mechanical engineering and automation, 3M, USP and PPG in chemicals and pharmaceuticals and a strong service industry (BPO, SSC, IT) which includes companies such as Nokia, McKinsey, Capgemini, BNY Mellon, Google, HPE, Credit Suisse and IBM, to name a few. name just a few.

“Today, with many cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated operations and new processes implemented in Wrocław, the focus has shifted to attracting talent. We hope that winning the Emerging Europe Awards will make Wrocław even more popular among experienced professionals and inspire talent to come and live here, ”concludes Grzyb.

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Joan J. Holland